Specialist Finishers have used Projection Plaster or Spray Plaster as it is often referred to in Europe, for many years. This method is now being recognised on commercial projects in the UK because of its speed and efficiency.

Projection Plaster can reduce the time taken to apply and finish the plaster on your project to as little as a third of that required by┬áthe traditional 2 coat system which means using less personnel on site for the same volume of works completed. It’s cleaner, which means an easier to manage working environment and making it more Health and Safety friendly.

Projection Plaster has a drying time of 3-4 hours and provides a tough and durable smooth white surface ready to receive a normal decorative finish. Being machine applied, Knauf MP75 offers excellent productivity and is up to 3 times faster than traditional plastering methods. We are a recommended contractor for Knauf Drywall.